Edge, border, margin, frontier... There are numerous types of limits demarking an infinite amount of areas, and one can draw them for many different reasons.
UNITED STATES OF RUSSIA is an exhibition that plays with the different concepts of limits in order to test, cross and dissolve them.

Yulia Virko, Miron Kiselev and Anthony Gelfand come from Russian families but were formed inthe USA – nations to which they feel both affectively attached to while culturally disassociated from –, and for this exhibition they are erasing the borders that separate their two motherlands by putting together here in Moscow pieces that were created thousands of miles apart from each other. With this exhibition, Solyanka State Gallery continues to support the production ofyoung and upcoming Russian talents who strive to expand their practices, providing them with a new context to exhibit site and time specific pieces commis- sioned especially for our space. And it is with these pieces that Yulia Virko, Miron Kiselev and Anthony Gelfand arrive to Russia for the first time as exhibiting artists.
© 2020 Yulia Virko