Сonscuousness Doesn't Have Borders ( Futuro Gallery )

18/02/21 — 10/05/21
"Consciousness Doesn't Have Borders" at the FUTURO Gallery is the final version of the exhibition project, which since September 2020 has been held at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow, at the Sevkabel Porto in St. Petersburg and at the Smena Center for Contemporary Culture in Kazan. The installation is built on the basis of the alternation of works, where Yulia Virko immerses the viewer into a vivid world of colored dreams, and Anton Gelfand - into the space of memory and consciousness in which they are born. Exhibition content changed from city to city.
At its final point, in Nizhny Novgorod, the project is not located in an industrial space, as it used to be, but inside an architectural monument of the 19th century. In the historical setting, Yulia Virko's paintings, created according to the laws of dreams and the unconscious, and Anthony Gelfand's take on archival material gives it a completely different reading. The sharp contrast between the bright, easily transformable constructor (invented by the architect Ksenia Lukyanova) and the historical space of the gallery allows you to feel the boundlessness of human consciousness, layers of memory, the imaginary, as it is with these themes that artists work.
The artistic practice and biographies of Virko and Gelfand are closely intertwined: both experiment with techniques and materials; both studied illustration and painting in the United States.
For the exhibition, the audioguide will be voiced by Alisa Savitskaya, a researcher and popularizer of Nizhny Novgorod art, an invited curator of the Museum of Moscow.
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