December 7 — 14, 2023
Morozov Mansion (Moscow, Russia)
This pop-up exhibition at the central Moscow location of Morozov Mansion was organized by Grabar Gallery and explored the theme of wishes. Participant artists: Lyudmila Baronina, Anna Bystrova, Yulia Virko, Mila Gushchina, Daria Kiseleva and Ulyana Podkorytova, Rodion Kitaev, Sasha Nesterkina, Nikolay Onishchenko, Alexandra Paperno, Rostan Tavasiev, and TOY Crew. Opening-day performance was made by Make a Wish Choir.

The artists displayed their contemplations on the wishes of the present day, their own and wishes of others, presented in the form of painting, audio and video installations. Climber's House, a painting by Yulia Virko, was the first work at the exhibition.

The artist's works ride the balance between fantasy and reality, where she creates sophisticated imagery based on venturing deep into own sensate experience. Her stories expressed through painting come to be symbolic of the exhibition: be that a small protagonist trying to reach for a treehouse, or a dazed person facing a screen almost splitting in two in search of a way forward — they require no interpretation offering the viewer to examine the details and look for meanings up close.

Closed for visitors for most of the time, the mansion in Podsosensky Lane contains illustrious interiors by genius architects — from Chichagov to Schechtel — as well as the personal history of Alexey Morozov, an heir to the dynasty of industrialists, a philanthropist and avid collector of the arts. His holdings were nationalized during the Soviet period and distributed among various state museums. For a short while during 2023 winter season, the mansion opened its doors and displayed works by contemporary artists.

Exhibition audio guide recorded by Yevgeny Tsyganov, a stage and film actor. His voice also guides the viewer through the video tour.
Curated by Kristina Romanova.

© 2023 Yulia Virko